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 Winter 2014-2015 Calendar


Stowe Mountain Film Fest

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November 29 , 2014: SMFF - Days of My Youth (Matchstick Productions) @ SPPAC 7:00PM

December 26, 2014: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ VTSSM 7:00PM.

December 27, 2014: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ VTSSM 7:00PM.

December 28, 2014: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ SPPAC 7:00PM.

December 29, 2014: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ VTSSM 7:00PM.

January 2, 2015: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ SPPAC 7:00PM.

January 10, 2015: SMFF - Pantini: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist @ SPPAC 7:00PM.

January 18, 2015: Warren Miller's No Turning Back @ SPPAC 7:00 PM.

February 19, 2015: Grazing the Sky

April 11, 2015: SMFF - DamNation @ SPPAC 7:00PM


December 5, 2014: Slope Style Exhibit Opening

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February 28, 2015: Old New England Winter Nordic Ski Festival

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March 14, 2015: Vermont Antique Ski Race at Pico Mountain

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Stay tuned for more exciting winter events, coming soon!


Film Fest Kick Off Nov 29

Annual Stowe Mountain Film Fest - Winter 2014 - 2015

DOMY-EcommThumb15NOVEMBER 29 - Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, 7pm. BUY TICKETS

“DAYS OF MY YOUTH” will take a look into the lives of skiers everywhere, offering a peek into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences. The film will lay out the joys and struggles of shredding in the big mountain arena, and it will showcase the delight of childlike discovery that skiing can offer as more than just a form of recreation, but as a way of life. Traveling the globe, the MSP crew is looking through the lens in a new way and capturing moments that define the cutting-edge of what is possible on skis.

MSP Films teamed up with Red Bull Media House to begin crafting a film unlike anything that has been made to date to set a new standard for the entire ski industry. “After 20 years of filmmaking, it’s been great to step away from the year-to-year model and work on something so different than what we have done in the past,” says executive producer Murray Wais. “Red Bull Media House has been instrumental in allowing us to fully develop the script, and to film this movie over three winters and two years. Having a six-month post schedule instead of six weeks makes all the difference.”

Shooting all over the world - including places never before documented - has been greatly enhanced with the addition of MSP’s new Cineflex Elite, the latest in aerial filming technology. By working with a small, intimate cast of the best skiers in the world, MSP is able to dive deeper into what skiing means for each of them individually. Richard Permin, Mark Abma, James Heim, Michelle Parker, Cody Townsend, Markus Eder, Bobby Brown, Sam Anthamatten, and others create an all-star cast.

MSP Films and Red Bull Media House would like to thank the partners who are helping to bring this vision to fruition, including Mountain Hardwear, Subaru, Swatch, GoPro, and Oakley.

ABOUT MSP Films: MSP is the leader in action sport filmmaking. The team at MSP works with the best athletes in the world in the most exotic locations in order to capture compelling images in action sports.  Their ultra progressive camera techniques, editing, and production value have earned them many prestigious awards, including 2007 and 2008 Emmy nominations and an unprecedented seven “Movie of the Year” honors awarded at the Powder Video Awards.